COVID19: Easter in New Orleans!


|Do The Bunny Hop🐰:| For all of us, this will be the weirdest Easter EVER!

For New Orleanians, this will be the quietest Easter EVER! No Chris Owen Parade. No Pigeon Town Steppers Secondline Parade. No Lake Front. No Frenchmen Street. No Claiborne under the bridge. No Bourbon Street. No brunch. No crawfish boils. Is this really real?

But on behalf of Dr. Brice Miller and all the musicians and artist @ The New Orleans Music Company + NOLA DJ TRUCK we promise you, The Sweet Sounds of New Orleans and EVERYTHING that makes us beautifully weird WILL RETURN…

We are wishing each of you and your families a beautiful and safe quarantined Easter celebration @ HOME. Like you, we can’t wait for this to be something we talk about rather then exist in. And yes, we are busily booking post-coronavirus dates. So secure your dates and entertainment now.

Peace and Love. Happy Easter!

Dr. Brice Müller, founder

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