COVID19 Social Distancing Mobile Music Services

The New Orleans Music Company presents… COVID19 Social Distancing Mobile Concert Series with NOLA DJ Truck aka Big Bertha

We have no choice but to take this Coronavirus pandemic seriously. Here in New Orleans, the numbers are exploding. So while it might seem unfair that we all are being shut-in, it’s better to be safer rather than sorry. All of places, who’d ever think every music club, bar, and social space would ever be shit down? So how do we still get a little cultural engagement, excitement, and/or music in our lives?

How cool would it be to have some DJ or live music pop-up’s from a social distance?

Well, beginning Monday, March 23rd, The New Orleans Music Company is proud to present… COVID19 Social Distancing Mobile Concert Series with NOLA DJ Truck aka Big Bertha

What: Our custom 1972 Chevy C30 retrofitted farm truck can pull up to any location. We’re self-contained, so all we need is a parking space.

When: Bookings are by reservation only (via our website) and entertainment available anytime between 9am and 9pm.

Where: Any location within the metro New Orleans area. Locations can include, parks, store fronts, restaurants, houses, driveways; wherever a vehicle can be parked.

How: Book your reservation via our website @ or on IG @noladjtruck :|: select the entertainment you’d like and we roll from there, literally! We’re reaching out to local performers, so if there’s a artist you’d like, let us know and we’ll see what magic we can make happen (additional cost may be applied). Now go book you some live music!

Option 1: DJ set @ 45min — $100

Option 2: Jazz Quartet @ 1hour — $400

Option 3: Blues/Power Trio @ 1hour — $400

Option 4: Brass Band @ 45min — $600

Option 5: Solo Piano/Guitar @ 45min — $250

Now we’re not asking folk to come out to congregate, think of these performances in the vain of Mr. Okra’s vegetable and fruit truck driving through the streets of the city. Right now, we need joy and happiness, and nothing evokes those feelings more than music.

We’ll get through this, together. But remember, if you need some music, we’re ready to roll your way!

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